Welcome to the Northumberland County Geographic Information System (GIS) website.  Northumberland County has recently moved their GIS services in house, and is looking to build a strong reliable service that will impact the everyday functions of the County, its employees and residents in a positive way.  The functions and services that GIS can be applied to are endless.  It is used for anything from making maps for the the local fire departments, to mapping out flood impact zones, to preparing, editing, and maintaining the data that drives the 911 centers everyday functionality.


GIS is a critical part of today’s world.  Although transparent to most, it is the basis for providing seamless functionality for almost everything digital.  The many benefits of GIS range from saving time and money on record keeping and record management, to stream lining workflow, and allowing for expedited services that can be provided to different County agencies as well as the public.


Northumberland County has partnered with Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI), thus allowing us to use the most comprehensive, and widely known GIS software on the market. This software suite is used by every County in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in some aspect of government, and allows us to update and maintain the County’s data (ex. from Parcels to Elections) and process requests from the public faster (ex. Addressing.)


Map Viewers

Please choose the map that best meets the criteria that you are looking for. These maps are updated at random intervals and the data they contain is for display purposes only.

Northumberland County Base Map

This map is the main base map for Northumberland County. It contains Roads, Structures, PIN's. It also contains the Pictometry Widget that can be accessed by those that have the appropriate user credentials.

Northumberland County Bridges

This map shows all the County owned Bridges.

Addressing Center

The assigning of addresses is done in many steps. First, the resident requesting the address will be required to fill out a request form and mail it back to the Addressing Coordinator. When the request is received by the Coordinator, they will use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software to assign the address. This will include the use of Aerial photography and sophisticated digital tools that measure the lengths of road segments in relationship to the surrounding property to accurately assign a standardized number to the structure. This address then gets input to many different systems. It will be added to the County Tax Assessment Database, as well as the United States Postal Service Database, and the 911 Centers GIS data used for Emergency Dispatch.

Address Request Form

Complete Online

Complete this form online and submit a digital copy directly to our email.

Address Request Form


Download this form to your local computer, print out, complete, and return to Northumberland County GIS

Data Licence Agreement


This is Northumberland County's Data License Agreement for any data released to and outside entity.

Addressing Ordinance


Northumberland County's Addressing Ordinance. Rules, Regulations and Procedures for assigning and maintaining addresses in Northumberland County.

Price List


This is the current price list to purchase data and/or paper maps.



Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions that you may have.

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