Frequently Asked Questions?
Q:  How long do I have to change my address?
A: You have up to one year to change your address.  The Post Office will forward mail for one year.
Q: I have a problem changing my address with the State (drivers license), and other businesses.
A: The State and other businesses get updates from Post Office on a schedule that the business chooses. When the businesses decides to get an update, that's when everything will run smoothly.
Q: Is this just for 911 or is this my permanent mailing address?
A: Both!  This is your mailing address and your 911 address.  This will make it easier for the ambulance to find you. And the delivery services can find your house easier as well.
Q: Why is my neighbors number so much higher or lower than mine?
A: The addressing standard being used deals with measure in feet, rather than blocks.  This means that every 21.5 feet there could be an address given to a structure.  This leaves room for future expansion, so if someone does build a house between you and your neighbor, we won't have to readdress you or the street.
Q: Why did my road name change?
A: We a trying to eliminate duplicate road names within not only the townships, but the post office boundaries as well.  Ex. Oak Rd. , Oak View Dr. , Oak Ln. , and Oak Tree Ave.  Three of these would have to be changed to eliminate confusion.  The Township is responsible for changing and renaming the roads.
Q: I already had a city style address why did my address change, I thought it was only for RR boxes?
A: This happened for a couple reasons.  First, we are trying to set a standard addressing scheme throughout Northumberland County.  Next, if there were any houses that were built late and had a "A", "B","C", ect......, they needed to be changed to have there own street address without an alpha character.  The other thing that may have caused this, is house numbers on the street my have been out of sequence, requiring the street to be readdressed.